NASA Orbit Pavilion

KCA Architects collaborated with NASA, JBL and composer Shane Myrbeck to create this immersive, spacial experience which includes a soundscape that encourages participants to imagine the satellites orbiting Earth

Letters to a Young Farmer

In Letters to a Young Farmer, the first book from Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, some of the most influential farmers, writers and leaders of our time share their wisdom and insight in an anthology of 36 essays and letters.

City Arts

Learn more about The New York City Charter School of the Arts, an arts-based 6th-8th grade charter school that opened in the fall of 2016, in lower Manhattan.


Maharam is a leading provider of textiles for architects and interior designers with a focus on design, innovation and quality. We go behind the scenes to see how their warehouse operations keep them at the forefront of the industry.

Simon Youth Foundation

Simon Youth Foundation's mission is to help disenfranchised youth graduate from high school. We witness the journey of several youth whose lives are back on track thanks to this important initiative.

Refugees Welcome to Dinner

An initiative launched by UNICEF Global on Valentine’s Day that brought folks from refugee and non-refugee backgrounds around a table to break bread and break barriers.


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